Devil May Care was the book. James Bond and all that you know but not by Mr. Fleming, by Mr. Faulks writing "as" Ian Fleming. Yes really, that’s what it says on the front cover, Sebastian Faulks writing as Ian Fleming.

The former has undertaken the challenge of creating a literary impression of the latter, how clever, but does it work ? You bet your golden gun it does. I flicked through some old Bond books to check.

Of course if you think about it, it shouldn’t be that difficult a thing to do, if you can write in the first place and if you are well versed in your subject in the second place. All still very clever though.

This got me to thinking however, I remember when, during a particularly slow fifth day at a test match somewhere probably Trent Bridge, Graham Gooch, whilst bowling, started doing impressions of other more well known England bowlers. It was hilarious, especially his take on Bob Willis, his trailing arm flapping in the wind behind him. This then got me thinking, whether Lewis
discount ray bans Hamilton could drive a lap "as" Fernando Alonso, whether Steven Gerrard could take a free kick "as" David Beckham, whether John Marsh could give a bulletin "as" Alan ‘Deadly’ Dedicoat. Could you do whatever it is you do like someone who does it as well, someone who you see every day ?

In our gang, no one can zip off for a sneaky fag qicker than South African Suzie, no one can laugh suddenly and then continue like a drain for no apparent reason like Adam ‘All, no one can stand on a chair and sing from the musicals like our Exec Producer Hells Bells and not wonder that we all think she’s insane, which she is. Helen by the way is currently getting stressed
discount ray bans about a new stress test that has arrived in the office. The more stressed it says she is,
cheap ray ban outlet the more stressed
cheap ray bans she is becoming.

Welcome back !!!!!!!!!!

good to be back in the chair and all that . .

All well over here the house move is finally happening, colours, couches and carpets considered, beds being bought, paint purchased rollers rolling, etc etc . . .

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Comment number 3. At 15:52 20th Oct 2008, Super Bagpuss wrote: glad to see you back CLP

re books I’m sure more books have been published after virignia andrews died then she actually wrote lots of family members writing in her style!

super bp x

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Comment number 4. At 15:53 20th Oct 2008, Jen Ewan wrote: Thank the Lord you’re back.

It makes the top part of the blog alive and well again too.

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Comment number 5. At 15:59 20th Oct 2008, michmel wrote: Welcome back CLP.

Glad you had a good holiday.

Beesmum xxx

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Comment number 7. At 16:07 20th Oct 2008, clodaghrubbish wrote: Welcome back Christoff Lambie Pie. And next time yous decide to bog off just as I land back from me latest missionary trip to County Monaghan, kindly check with me first would yous, Renee’s had me parked in front of Paul O’Grady all week.

As for the mimicry, I can’t help myself with certain friends; if I have to relate some tall tale concerning a mate I always descend into character. It’s people’s foibles that make them interesting, n’est ce pas.Articles Connexes:

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Swimmers warned to avoid Weaver fish

Banking Inquiry to hear from close aide to Brian Lenihan today’Urgent action needed’ as average rents increase almost 7%Bertie Ahern’s former constituency office soldDownload our app

We’ve changed our method again for new album, says Radiohead guitaristRadiohead "took a lot of time" to make progress on their new .

Toy Story Honest Trailer somehow its 20 years old!Pixar’s CG animated classic Toy Story is one of their best but that doesn’t mean .

Fifty Shades fans snap up new EL James’ book GreyThe book tells the story from Christian Grey’s point of view.

VIDEO: Cyclist gives out to woman eating a bowl of cereal while drivingPolice are investigating after a woman was .

This woman has had a dentist’s drill lodged in her mouth for two yearsA woman has a drill lodged in her mouth after .

This girl’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ prom entrance hasn’t gone down too wellNot everybody’s happy about this girl’s decision .

20 photos of Royal Ascot racegoers looking ridiculous over the yearsMan films his own panic attack to offer hope to sufferersLittle kid wows Pharrell Williams with his dance moves during Happy performanceDownload our app

Reports Farah missed drugs tests in run up to 2012 OlympicsDouble Olympic champion Mo Farah missed two drugs tests in the build up to the 2012 .

The perils of trying to catch the ball at a baseball gameYou’re either going to look really good, or really bad unfortunately for this fan, .

‘Tricked up links course’ will test US Open golfersThe US Open at Chambers Bay will force players into what will be title deciding decisions, .

The Irish Water Safety organisation told would be bathers to watch out for the innocent looking weever fish, a tiny animal that lurks in the sand of the sea bottom and can inflict intense, lasting pain and even worse.

The fish inhabits warm shallow water close to the shore, all but completely buried in the sand, and leaving only its dark dorsal fin showing.

Anyone unlucky enough to step on that fin could be in trouble. The spines stick into the flesh and begin a painful swelling process that can last for weeks.

Water Safety chief executive John Leech said: "You will not see a weever fish easily. But you will quickly know it’s there if you are unfortunate enough to stand on one. The pain is usually described as excruciating so avoid
discount ray bans it
cheap ray bans if you can."

The weever lives around the low water line of a lot of beaches, and the official advice is to avoid swimming for around 60 minutes each side of a low tide.

Those who disturb a weever are advised to call a local lifeguard, where available.

In the absence of expert advice, the affected area of the body should be put into hot water in a bid to break down the poison.

The ultimate consequences of stepping on a weever fatality are unlikely. The last recorded death was more than 75 years ago. But severe
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Springfield teacher sentenced for stealing thousands of dollars

Roger L. Putnam Vocational High School (MassLive)The Attorney General Office said in 2010 Ann Berry, 55, of Springfield, misappropriated funds by taking profits from the Putnam Vocational school store, which she ran.After a three day bench trial in Hampden District Court, Judge Mark Mason found Berry guilty of larceny by scheme over $250.Mason sentenced Berry to three years of probation and ordered her to perform 240
discount ray bans hours of community service. A restitution hearing will be held on Aug. 12 in Springfield District Court."This defendant exploited her position to steal money that was intended to go to an educational institution and the students
fake ray bans it served," Coakley said. "Her actions affected the school and its students, and she has now been found guilty for her unlawful actions."Berry worked as a teacher and advisor for the Academic Achiever Club at Roger L. Putnam Vocational Technical High School, where she ran the school store, Coakley said.Berry would purchase inventory items to be sold at the school store, like bottled water or snack foods, using her personal credit card or personal bank account. She would then deposit the profits from the school store into her personal bank account. Berry then
cheap ray ban outlet used those profits for her personal benefit, Coakley said.A criminal complaint was filed against Berry in December 2012 and she was arraigned in January 2013 in Springfield District Court where she pleaded not guilty.
cheap ray bans Her case was then sent to trial.In a separate scheme that was also revealed as a part of the investigation by the Springfield Office of Internal Audits at Putnam Vocational, Sherry Suber, 46, stole more than $14,000 from the school. In July 2013, Suber admitted to sufficient facts on the charge of larceny by scheme over $250 and was ordered to pay more than $14,000 in restitution, according to Coakley.Articles Connexes:

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Mentor High School

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It’s time to get Cork Airport flying again

Cork Airport is in a competitive
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couturier is going places

is kneeling, hands deep in the dirt, digging for a bolt of organza fabric planted there weeks earlier. She unearths her transformed textile, formerly pristine white, now with the antiquated effect of being wrapped around a rusty barbecue grill and decomposing corn husks, leaves and rose petals, not to mention other
cheap Michael Kors handbags debris mixed in the ground that housed a chicken coop in Converse.

Mata, San Antonio’s well known couturier and contemporary artist with a knack for creating wearable art, is euphoric with the results.

"Just what I hoped for," she says as she
cheap Michael Kors and fiber artist , who had the idea to bury the material, unwrap it revealing grill prints, flora images and scattered smudges of deep Bordeaux hues from the decayed roses.

Later this month models will wear Mata’s vision for the altered cloth stitched into draped evening gowns, part of a 24 piece spring collection of mostly linear and loose dresses with architectural shoulder detailing and custom made garments she’ll present during New York Fashion Week her first ever signature show during the high profile event for American designers.

The inspiration for her new collection? "Phoenician, the oldest civilization recorded that’s my muse
replica Michael Kors handbags a little Mediterranean with a little mix of Egyptian."

The graduate and mother of three children will be in good company with , , , , Oscar de la Renta and nearly 200 other designers showcasing their work across
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet Manhattan from the Upper West Side’s to the Garment
Michael kors handbags outlet District’s Cult Studios, where Mata’s
replica Michael Kors handbags collection will be unveiled Wednesday, Sept. 14.

The hairstylist
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet turned fashion designer is mostly self taught; she briefly studied design and pattern making at the . She advances fashion in San Antonio with the Art of Fashion extravaganzas she has helped helm, speaks to students about breaking
michael kors handbags outlet into the business and works at raising the standard of fashion design among young talent.Articles Connexes:

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San Francisco

We define "worth watching" pretty broadly here at the Fix. Some ads will make the cut due to the their national implications, others for their focus on a key local or
cheap wholesale oakley sunglasses regional issues. Funny and creative ads both
cheap replica oakleys good and bad will make the list. We’ll even throw in some wildcards, ads that are so offbeat or unorthodox that we aren’t sure what to make of them.

If you come across a commercial you think is worth spotlighting on The Fix’s "Ad Wars" segment, feel free to email me at chris DOT cillizza AT washingtonpost DOT com. (And, yes, media consultants you should feel free to peddle your own wares as well.)

The inaugural edition of Ad Wars highlights an ad that fits squarely into the "wildcard" category. The commercial is being run by Rep. Sam Graves (R) who is being challenged in the northwest Missouri 6th District by former Kansas City Mayor Kay Barnes (D). The race is widely expected to be competitive in the fall.

Looking for some more explanation about the reasoning behind running an ad like this one so early in the campaign, The Fix sought out Jeff Roe a longtime Graves’ consultant.

"It’s a water cooler ad," said Roe, acknowledging that part of the goal of the commercial was to drive buzz about the race. (Mission accomplished!) He added that the idea for the ad was to "set the hook" for the fall campaign against Barnes by using her trip to San
cheap oakley sunglasses Francisco for a fundraiser with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) to talk about issues like gay marriage, abortion and illegal immigration.

How embarassing for us Missourians! I unfortunately live in Graves district, and every opponent he has faced has had to put up with these ridiculous ads against them. Yes, we in SF embrace diversity and the idea that no two people are alike. You don’t see us running commercials portraying stereotypes about people from Missouri. and believe me, there are PLENTY. Gay men and women have WAY better taste in music and are WAY better dancers than portrayed here.

Back to the ads I loved the cheesiness of the Graves ad and the professionalism (by sticking to facts and issues) of the Barnes ad. His subtlety is right up there with his intelligence: lacking. He’s Missouri’s answer to Oklahoma’s Jim Inhofe. Please, Lord, let him be swept out of office with most of the
fake cheap oakleys other GOP flotsam in November.

The black guy in the middle barely glances at the black girl. Instead, he looks the white girl up and down in what can only be described as a ‘lascivious’ way. The ’suggestive’ dancing is between the black guy and the white girl, not the black guy and the
fake oakleys black girl.

It’s along the same lines as the Harold Ford ad with the white girl inviting him to party or dance or whatever.

I’d appreciate knowing who came up with this ad. Wikipedia could use an article about campaign ad controversies. That’s a value we
wholesale cheap oakleys can all respect.

As usual in GOP ads,
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses a black guy is shown moving in
fake cheap oakleys on white girls. It’s every GOP male’s deepest fear, you know.

Back on topic, the Graves add is hysterical. Note that I’m not saying it’s "okay", it’s laugh out loud funny, which I’m guessing is not what he’s looking for.

The Barnes ad hits a great note and (I think) is more likely to strike a chord with swing voters and independents. I love how they puts in the dancers.Articles Connexes:

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fake oakley sunglasses Importance of a Tax ID Number

New businesses spring up each and everyday, and while the product or service you plan to provide might be revolutionary, there are risks with all business ventures. Generally speaking, it is ideal to separate your personal finances and assets from that of your business in the event that your business fails, or does not become as profitable as you would like. The best way to accomplish this is to establish a tax identification number (TIN), also known as
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An EIN officially separates your personal identification from that of your business. It also offers a great opportunity to establish strong business credit, even if your personal credit is sub par. In addition to protecting your personal assets, an EIN enables business owners to essentially start with a clean slate. Regardless of your personal credit score, or less
oakleys sunglasses than favorable dealings with lenders, an EIN essentially establishes your business as its own person "which allows you to build spot free business credit.

Do you file any of the following tax returns?oTrusts, except grantor owned revocable trusts, IRAs, Exempt Organization Business Income
fake oakleys cheap Tax ReturnsoReal estate mortgage investment conduitsThis and other valuable information can be found in the new
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Las Vegas Strip Grand Canyon Helicopter Rides

How can you do the Las Vegas Strip and the Grand Canyon
cheap fake oakleys in two hours? Take a helicopter tour. Quickly becoming Sin City’s most popular excursion, this trip lets you do these landmarks faster than a dinner buffet.

This trip rockets out of the Las Vegas area and reaches Grand Canyon West in 45 minutes.

1. Eagle and Guano Points. These are the two main landmarks at Grand Canyon West. Eagle Point, when viewed directly, looks exactly like the national bird. Guano Point
fake oakleys harbors the original mining structures used to harvest guano from the cliff side.

2. The Grand Canyon Skywalk. More than 200,000 people a year visit
fake cheap oakleys the Glass Bridge. The
replica oakleys structure, which is comprised of glass panels that cost $250,000 each,
cheap replica oakleys extends 70 feet past the edge and lifts you 4,000 feet above the Colorado River.

3, The Colorado River. This is the waterway that formed the 277 mile long canyon. Scientists estimate that it took 3 to 6
wholesale cheap oakleys million years to do it. The river flows west at four miles an hour and averages 300 feet in width and 100 feet in depth.

This trip’s popular upgrade is a flight to the bottom of the canyon. Visitors say the highlight is the 4,000 foot descent, which starts by dropping in over the West Rim, and then "canyon carving" among the buttes, spires, and ravines before touching down on a private landing pad for a Champagne picnic near the Colorado River.

Flights depart year round from the Las Vegas area. Trips include free hotel shuttle
oakley sunglasses discount service. The upgraded trip to the bottom includes a meal. Most trips use the EcoStar 130, a fantastic aircraft featuring stadium style seating, wraparound windows, and silent ride rotor technology.

If you want the lowest price on these tours, book them online via the tour operator’s website. I’ve seen deals where the operator knocks as much as 35% off the retail price. There’s usually an additional 10% discount for small groups of 10 or more people.

When you get to Las Vegas, I suggest you confirm your reservation. Further, consider booking a morning flight for best visibility; it’s also a good decision in the event your flight needs to be rescheduled due to weather conditions. If
fake cheap oakley sunglasses you want to see The Strip’s lights, take a late afternoon departure.

Most travelers are unaware of the fact that you can’t choose where you sit on a helicopter flight. This is determined by weight, which must be distributed equally about the aircraft. No need to be concerned about weigh in: You information is only seen by the check in clerk and kept confidential.

I also advise visitors not to glue themselves to their camera or camcorder. You’ll miss too much of the flight. Understand that these helicopters are fitted with on board video cameras that film your flight and make it available for sale on DVD.

Las Vegas helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon are your best bet for seeing The Strip and the Grand Canyon in less than two hours. Four the adventurous, upgrade your package to include the 4,000 foot descent with Champagne picnic on the bottom. Either way, this air tour is a win win, delivering in one fell swoop the Las Vegas Strip and the Grand Canyon, two of the nation’s most famous landmarks.Articles Connexes:

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La Foz de Morcín celebró este fin de semana, el XXXII Certamen de queso afuega’l pitu, una de las citas gastronómicas más emblemáticas de la región. La Hermandad de La Probe, consiguió reunir a centenares de personas que no perdieron la ocasión de degustar y comprar piezas del manjar.

Queso Afuega´l Pitu La BorbollaPepe Sariego, miembro de la Hermandad de La Probe, presentó a los galardonados de este año. Caja Rural se llevó la distinción más solemne y la entidad bancaria fue nombrada «Quesero mayor de Asturias». El encargado de recoger el premio fue el director de la Fundación Caja Rural, Javier Nievas.

El «Afuega’l Pitu de Oro» se lo llevó Luis Alberto Martínez, propietario del restaurante «Casa Fermín». El jurado decidió distinguir al hostelero «por la promoción de los quesos asturianos, especialmente del afuega’l pitu». Martínez se mostró «muy emocionado» y señaló las bondades del producto, «que combina con dulce y salado y se ha hecho con una buena posición en las mesas de Asturias».

La Quesería La Borbolla, que ganó tres premios dentro del certamen profesional: «Mejor atroncáu blancu», «Mejor atroncáu roxu» y «Mejor roxu de trapu». La Maestra Quesera Mari Luz Martínez, de Grado, se mostró «muy satisfecha» con su labor artesana y aseguró que «el secreto está en hacer los quesos con mucho mimo». En una semana de mucha demanda, su pequeño negocio familiar puede producir hasta 2.000 piezas de queso, aunque la media semanal ronda las 1.000 piezas.

Quesería La Borbolla tan solo dejó libre el primer premio para el «Mejor blancu de trapu», que se lo llevó la Quesería Temia, de Grado. En la categoría de no profesional, los premios se quedaron en casa, y fueron para Josefina Estébanez («atroncáu blancu»), Asunción Mallada («roxu atroncáu»), Estela Álvarez («blancu de trapu») y Mar Fernández («roxu de trapu»).

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