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We define "worth watching" pretty broadly here at the Fix. Some ads will make the cut due to the their national implications, others for their focus on a key local or
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cheap replica oakleys good and bad will make the list. We’ll even throw in some wildcards, ads that are so offbeat or unorthodox that we aren’t sure what to make of them.

If you come across a commercial you think is worth spotlighting on The Fix’s "Ad Wars" segment, feel free to email me at chris DOT cillizza AT washingtonpost DOT com. (And, yes, media consultants you should feel free to peddle your own wares as well.)

The inaugural edition of Ad Wars highlights an ad that fits squarely into the "wildcard" category. The commercial is being run by Rep. Sam Graves (R) who is being challenged in the northwest Missouri 6th District by former Kansas City Mayor Kay Barnes (D). The race is widely expected to be competitive in the fall.

Looking for some more explanation about the reasoning behind running an ad like this one so early in the campaign, The Fix sought out Jeff Roe a longtime Graves’ consultant.

"It’s a water cooler ad," said Roe, acknowledging that part of the goal of the commercial was to drive buzz about the race. (Mission accomplished!) He added that the idea for the ad was to "set the hook" for the fall campaign against Barnes by using her trip to San
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How embarassing for us Missourians! I unfortunately live in Graves district, and every opponent he has faced has had to put up with these ridiculous ads against them. Yes, we in SF embrace diversity and the idea that no two people are alike. You don’t see us running commercials portraying stereotypes about people from Missouri. and believe me, there are PLENTY. Gay men and women have WAY better taste in music and are WAY better dancers than portrayed here.

Back to the ads I loved the cheesiness of the Graves ad and the professionalism (by sticking to facts and issues) of the Barnes ad. His subtlety is right up there with his intelligence: lacking. He’s Missouri’s answer to Oklahoma’s Jim Inhofe. Please, Lord, let him be swept out of office with most of the
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The black guy in the middle barely glances at the black girl. Instead, he looks the white girl up and down in what can only be described as a ‘lascivious’ way. The ’suggestive’ dancing is between the black guy and the white girl, not the black guy and the
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It’s along the same lines as the Harold Ford ad with the white girl inviting him to party or dance or whatever.

I’d appreciate knowing who came up with this ad. Wikipedia could use an article about campaign ad controversies. That’s a value we
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As usual in GOP ads,
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Back on topic, the Graves add is hysterical. Note that I’m not saying it’s "okay", it’s laugh out loud funny, which I’m guessing is not what he’s looking for.

The Barnes ad hits a great note and (I think) is more likely to strike a chord with swing voters and independents. I love how they puts in the dancers.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Queso l?Alt Urgell y La CerdanyaEL QUESO DE L’ALT URGELL Y LA CERDANYA CON D.O.P., Es un queso elaborado a partir de leche de vaca de raza frisona, entera, pasteurizada.

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De?pasta color crema o marfil, ojos abundantes de origen mec?nico, peque?os, de forma irregular, distribuidos por toda la pasta.

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M?todo de Obtenci?n

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Vinculos Hist?ricos y Naturales

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Consejo Regulador de la Denominaci?n de Origen Protegida, QUESO DE L'ALT URGELL Y LA CERDANYAConsejo Regulador de la Denominaci?n de Origen Protegida,

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